Enhance your client meetings by reporting the data that matters most in every unique case

Make the Complex Simple

Most clients want to go to their financial advisor like they go to their doctors: They want to know if they are healthy.

Basically, they want to know the general overview of their account. They want to see a clear depiction of where their goals are set and how they are progressing to meet those. They want simplified action items on what they can do to better optimize their financial health.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of their account—well, that’s why they look to you.

Make Meetings Engaging and Personal

Moneytree Plan’s customizable one-pager allows financial advisors to create a one-pager summary with data chosen and prioritized based on each client’s identified need. Summarize hundreds of pages of extensive financial data into a simple one-pager report to help encourage clients to feel more comfortable and engaged in meetings. Advisors can choose up to six areas to highlight, compiled from your comprehensive financial planning report, so that every summary is tailored to each client’s individual goals and priorities.

Customized to Fit Your Client’s Needs

Whether you are looking to summarize the broad overview with an account summary, or you want to dig into projections with a ‘what-if’ graph, we have you covered. This one-pager allows you to feature any data from the larger report, including but not limited to:

  • Recommendations / Action Items
  • Financial Wellness (Formerly Health Check)
  • Account Summary
  • Retirement Analysis
  • What-If Graph
  • Monte Carlo
  • Annual Expenses Graph
  • Cash Flow Graph
  • And More!

The One-Pager gives you the control to simplify data in a way that can answer your client’s questions without overwhelming them with the deeper details of the account.

Highlight What Matters

Create a more productive client meeting setting by preparing a one-page summary organized to the client’s most pressing goals and concerns.

Print or Email

Guide your client conversations by presenting this one-page summary through the method that works best for your client. The report is designed in a way that can be printed, sent via email, or stored in the client access portal.

Secure, client-accessible archives

Clients will always have access to the current and historic data of their account through a secure DocVault, located in the client access portal.

It's time to simplify

Your guide to a simple and completely customized one-page summary is just a click away. Get your live demo today!