Moneytree Advise®
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Moneytree Advise is an easy, effective solution for busy financial advisors. We are known for making the complex—simple. Advise allows you to spend more time with clients and less time creating financial plans through intuitive navigation and clear reports. Instant, side-by-side scenario comparisons allow for rich client interaction.

How Moneytree Advise Can Help You

Grow Your Business

Introduce financial planning to clients.

Work collaboratively with your clients.

Build deeper relationships.

Create and update more plans faster.

Be the Trusted Advisor

Educate clients on the value of financial planning.

Build retirement plans based on client goals.

Create a debt freedom strategy.

Empower your clients’ financial confidence.

Moneytree Advise Features Allow You To...


Clients care about financial wellness and are more involved than ever before. Onboard clients quickly and collaborate with them. Educate them along their journey to reach their goals and let them proactively manage the plans you create for them.

Provide Financial Literacy to Your Clients

  • Debt Freedom Reports focused on liability reduction strategy
  • Educational reports covering asset allocation, market risk & diversification

Onboard Clients Easily

  • Client Access Portal
  • Client Questionnaire

Collaborate with your clients

  • What-If?
  • When-If?
  • Client Access Portal
  • Secure Document Vault

Present comprehensive reports

  • White-label branding
  • Retirement, Assets, Property, Liabilities, Insurance, Estate, and Survivor

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Every client has a story and needs a financial plan. Our financial planning solution simplifies the path to accumulating wealth and creates clarity to make it easy to get started.

Review investment and asset allocation

  • Asset Worksheet
  • Current & Suggested
  • Asset Allocation
  • Educational reports covering: asset allocation, market risk & diversification
  • Investment returns & power of compounding

Create a Debt Reduction Plan

  • Current & Proposed Plan
  • Monthly Payment Schedule
  • Accelerated Wealth Accumulation
  • Debt Education

Build a Budget

  • Budget Worksheets
  • Debt Freedom Analysis

“Support has always been there to help me in my situation or come up with a workaround if needed.”

Dave H., CPA, CFP®


Change is constant. You need a solution to guide clients to retirement, analyze risk, and adjust as lifestyles and goals change.

Analyze insurance risk and recommend improvements

  • Insurance Summary Survivor Needs Analysis (current needs)
  • Survivor Needs Calculation (current needs)
  • Disability Insurance (current needs)
  • Long-Term Care (5 years of care)

Adjust as goals and lifestyles change

  • Goals
  • Set priority levels for each goal

Prepare for retirement

  • Retirement Capital Analysis
  • Retirement Summary Shortage Solutions
  • Retirement Expense Summary
  • Monte Carlo with 10,000 Trials & Fat Tail Option
  • What-If Modeling
  • When-If Dynamic Behavioral Analysis with Variable
  • Retirement Ages & Spending
  • Asset Projection by Taxation Type

Secure legacies through estate planning

  • Estate Current Situation
  • Estate Net Worth Statement
  • Current Flowchart & Estimate
  • Alternative Structure Flowchart & Estimate
  • 5 Year Future Estate Tax Estimate

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