Moneytree Advise®

Serve more accumulation-phase clients with streamlined, goal-based plans

Advise is an efficient solution for busy financial advisors. It uses intuitive navigation, goal-based planning, assumptions-based methodology, and clear reports that allow you to spend more time with clients and less time creating financial plans. Instant, side-by-side scenario comparisons allow for rich client interaction.

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Moneytree Advise

Work more efficiently to grow your book of business while your clients grow their wealth.
$ 795
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grow your business

Educate clients on the value of financial planning.

Create a debt-freedom strategy based on client goals.

Empower your clients to fulfill their legacies.

Engage and meet your clients where they are in their financial journey.

Build client confidence, foster financial freedom

  • Create detailed debt reduction plans.
  • Craft educational reports on asset allocation, market risk, and diversification.
  • Use intuitive worksheets to build a budget.
  • Make dreams happen with What-If and When-If simulators.
  • Provide a client access portal for improved engagement.
  • Make communication easy and safe with a secure document vault.
  • Offer asset worksheets to align future needs with present-day plans.
  • Easily explain investment returns and the power of compounding.
  • Suggest changes and easily allocate assets.
  • Calculate survivor needs and easily summarize them for clients.
  • Estimate needs for disability insurance.
  • Recommend a plan for long-term care.
  • Analyze retirement capital
  • Identify and summarize solutions for retirement shortages.
  • Offer clients a retirement expense summary.
  • Build confidence with a Monte Carlo that runs 10,000 trials and offers a fat-tail option.
  • Evaluate estate net worth and provide a statement.
  • Visualize estate planning for your clients with estate flowcharts.
  • Estimate estate taxes

Add Account Aggregation and boost client engagement

Account Aggregation is available on both Plan and Advise.

It allows you to view a client’s retail accounts, liabilities, investments, and insurance policies in one place.

  • Easy client onboarding
  • Better insights
  • Less data entry
  • Plan with confidence

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