Scalable. Secure. Accessible. Why cloud software is right for your business.

Are you happy with your desktop software? Even if the answer is yes, there are substantial business reasons why you should consider making a change to a cloud-based platform that you access online. Applications installed directly onto your computer are quickly becoming an old way of operating, and continuing to work this way can make […]

What the new CFP tech guide is all about

CFP Tech Guide

If you’re a Certified Financial Planner, you have proven that you have what it takes to help clients achieve their financial goals. You’re principled. You’re experienced. You’re intelligent. You’re accountable. But what about the software you use to apply your knowledge and expertise to real-world situations? Does your technology meet professional standards, too? And what […]

Talking about tech bloat with Pat Spencer

Photo of a woman frustrated with technology.

Advisors are frustrated with their tech stack. A recent Michael Kitces survey noted that, overall, advisors report a satisfaction rate for their entire tech stack at 7.3 on a 10-point scale. Not bad, perhaps. But what’s especially revealing is that they rate each individual component of their tech stack higher—at an average of 7.6. So, […]

Flexible withdrawal order in Moneytree

People reviewing financial plans and smiling

Your clients have complex financial lives, and that includes their taxable, tax-free, and tax deferred income strategies. Distribution strategies are highly personal. For example, your clients may hold a charity near and dear to their heart. Maybe their medical expenses are accumulating, or maybe they just don’t know the best way to handle their tax […]

4 important questions to ask when buying software for your business

Woman at computer

Buying new software is a big investment, but with so many options, it can get overwhelming quickly. In fact, according to Capterra’s 2022 SMB Tech Trends Survey, 61% of small and medium businesses in the US have experienced buyer’s remorse over a technology purchase they made in the past year. It’s tough to know what […]

Moneytree Merit – Why are we doing this?

Not long ago, someone asked me why Moneytree decided to launch Merit. There are multiple levels to my answer. On a philosophical level, our company purpose statement is that we are here to “Make great things happen for other people.” That includes helping you build your clients’ investment portfolios with the best personalized chance of […]

Garrett Planning Network and Moneytree — a partnership based on shared values

Sheryl Garret

Values matter at Moneytree. We don’t just jump into business with anyone. We look for partners who believe in a greater good and are passionate about lifting up others. That’s why we are proud to have sponsored the Garrett Planning Network’s Advisor Retreat, Oct. 17-18, in Louisville, Kentucky. Founded in 2000, the Garrett Planning Network […]

The Charles Schwab integration is up and running

Charles Schwab photo

If you use Schwab Advisor Center® to manage your client portfolios and Moneytree Plan to build your plans, you can connect the two platforms now and import information. That’s because Moneytree is now a participant in Schwab Advisor Services’™ third-party integration program  — our biggest integration to date.  This participation began in 2022, and Moneytree […]

Moneytree earns top value rating in latest Kitces Report

A graphic showing Moneytree's rankings in the most recent Kitces report

Moneytree is a “Rising Star” among financial planning software providers and holds the highest value among the top four market leaders. That’s the takeaway from the 2023 AdvisorTech Study by the Kitces Report, released this August. The study, based on advisor feedback, awards Moneytree a value rating of 9.2 out of 10, which is higher […]