Scalable. Secure. Accessible. Why cloud software is right for your business.

Are you happy with your desktop software?

Even if the answer is yes, there are substantial business reasons why you should consider making a change to a cloud-based platform that you access online.

Applications installed directly onto your computer are quickly becoming an old way of operating, and continuing to work this way can make it difficult to keep up with your more tech savvy competitors.

There are many reasons to move to cloud-based software, but here are the top three that we hear from clients all the time.

You want scalability

Does this sound familiar? You get a new computer, and you are thrilled with how fast and efficient it is. At first, it feels like no matter how much you ask it to do, it just works quickly.

But, as you keep storing information, your computer goes from running to crawling. So, you resolve that next time you will buy a more expensive computer with more storage space and greater processing capacity.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Moving from desktop software to cloud-based software means you save your computer from getting bogged down with all the data you are storing locally. By pushing this information into the cloud, you are saving valuable storage space as well as preventing wear and tear on your computer.

This is especially helpful if you are growing your business, both adding clients (who come with more data) and adding employees who will need computers. It’s not practical to buy a top-of-the-line computer for every employee, and with cloud computing, you don’t have to.

Your data is important

Storing client data on a local computer is risky.

First, the obvious — bad actors hack computers, or give them viruses. If client data is stored on this machine, there is nothing to stop them from getting your data.

But beyond bad actors, there is also the threat of malfunction. If something happens to your machine, you may lose important information and hard work. Even if you have a backup, then you lose precious hours restoring your machine.

By moving to an online version of Moneytree, you can rest assured your data is securely stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS), the trusted location employed by some of the biggest software solutions we use every day. Cloud-computing providers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft have large-scale, AI-based security software. It’s expensive and so large that only a few companies can afford it. The cost puts it out of the reach of everyone else. Also, a cloud-based service provider regularly updates its software and operating systems. All this means you experience the highest level of security.

In addition, it’s a security risk to travel with your laptop if you have stored data on the hard drive. If your laptop gets lost or stolen, you not only have the headache of replacing it, but the huge security breech that exists if the information stored on your laptop gets into the wrong hands. By using Moneytree in the cloud, you access with your username and password, so you are not risking your information being compromised.

As a business owner, you have plenty of things to worry about; the safety of your data should not be one of them.

You want to work from anywhere

Have you ever been out of the office and received an urgent call? Have you ever awakened on a snowy February day when you were dreading braving the roads, but you had to go to work because it’s tax season? Have you shortened your family vacation because a work emergency arose, and you had to get back to your office?

These scenarios — and many others — may have made you wish you had your computer with you so that you could put in the work and spend the rest of your time carefree. If this sounds like you, moving to the online version of Moneytree is just the thing.

When you use Moneytree in the cloud, you have your full portfolio and book of business with you wherever you go.

If you have internet access, you have Moneytree at your fingertips. So enjoy your weekend or vacation and stay in the warmth of your home during winter months — Moneytree is there to help you plan with precision, wherever you are.

See for yourself

If you want to find out for yourself how you can make accurate plans fast in our online cloud-based solutions, take advantage of your free 14-day trial of Moneytree today. You will be glad you did.


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