Money Tree is now Moneytree, and a whole lot more!

Announcing some big changes at Moneytree and a product release on September 1, 2020!

Hello! My name is Patrick Spencer, and I am the Managing Director for Moneytree Software. I am very pleased to share exciting news with you about what our team has been working on over the past year.

As you may already know, Accutech Systems Corporation acquired Moneytree about a year ago. What you may not know is that Accutech is a software company founded in 1987 and is still privately held by the same family. They have earned a strong reputation in the trust and wealth management industry and work with several hundred banks across the country. Accutech believes Moneytree to be a natural complement to its existing client base, but more importantly believes their experience in developing innovative solutions could successfully grow Moneytree financial solutions within the Advisor tech ecosystem.

We know how challenging the last year has been. COVID-19 has changed everything and disrupted everyone’s lives in ways we were not prepared for. The same was true for our team as we worked through those challenges, yet we’re determined to build a better product for you. Our mission at Moneytree is to make great things happen for other people–you, our advisors.

New Product Release and Features

We have a product release that will go live at 12 pm, Eastern Time, on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. We don’t anticipate any disruption to your service or data loss. Simply log in and the updated features will be there. We know this release appears as sudden to you, but we have been diligently working on this through COVID-19. And I don’t want to postpone the release any further–it’s time.

The new product features in the upcoming release will include:

  • New product names for Silver and TOTAL as well as the Easy Money and Golden Years reports
  • Updated Client Access Portals
  • New, secure DocVault for Online Platforms
  • New What-if added for Moneytree TOTAL Client Access Portal
  • Updated report appearance for Moneytree Silver Online

And for our Desktop clients, specifically Silver Financial Planning, you will see updated graphs and other visual improvements to reports. I want to assure you we are continuing to support our desktop programs; however, we are focusing on building and improving our online user experience so you will not benefit from updates to features such as Client Access.

All this while keeping security and data protection a top priority for you. Our goal is to make you look like a hero and your clients financially confident.

Changing Product Names

I realize that changing product names can be risky. But we believe our product names should focus on what you do for your clients. For that reason, we will be making the following changes:

  • Silver Online is now Moneytree Advise™
    • In renaming Silver Online to Moneytree Advise™ we are highlighting and expanding the program’s strength for creating efficient big-picture financial models.
  • TOTAL Online is now Moneytree Plan™
    • With TOTAL Online’s evolution to Moneytree Plan™ we are illustrating and improving the platform’s capabilities to create robust and detailed models.
  • Easy Money Report is now Aspire™
    • Aspire™ is our goal-based report—best for clients in accumulation phase where you are directing the client’s hopes and ambitions toward the ability to retire gracefully and on their own terms. We wanted the name of this report to reflect the aspirations you have for your clients.
  • Golden Years Report is now Prosper™
    • Prosper™ is our cash flow-based report—best for clients in or near retirement where you are working to make the client successful in retirement no matter how high the net worth or complex their personal situation. We wanted the name of this report to reflect the prosperity you are working to build for your clients.

Looking Ahead

This is only the beginning! Our product road map will focus on you, the advisor, and an improved experience that your clients are demanding. Our 2021 solution road map will include:

  • Account Aggregation to expedite collecting client data—thereby increasing your productivity
  • Integrations from additional partners to improve your workflow processes
  • Client Access Portal enhancements to increase engagement with your clients
  • Digital Account Opening tools to improve compliance for you and the overall client experience

Moneytree will be 40 years old in 2021, and what do we do to mark such a milestone? We look at where we are and begin to make plans for the next 40 years! We look to get in better shape, improve our diet, expand our learning and be thankful for the family and friends that we have. Well, we are doing the same with the Moneytree suite of products. We will be making the product more efficient, more comprehensive, and not forgetting about the strength of our calculation engine and listening to you about what you need from a financial planning solution.

My goal moving forward is to establish, build, improve and maintain a proactive cadence of communication with all of you. We have been quiet for too long. It’s time for you to raise your voice on what you want from Moneytree, and it’s time you have heard from us. So, be on the lookout for new content coming your way via our website, blog, webinars, videos, social media, and hopefully even some of the notable online media outlets. We will be building content that we hope you find useful and insightful that will help you provide valuable financial planning for your clients.

If you have questions about our upcoming release, please contact us at  If you’re looking to upgrade to the online version of Moneytree or want to increase your number of licenses, please contact us at


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