Educate and engage clients all along their financial journey

Make it easy to make the right decisions

Moneytree’s straightforward reports empower your clients to: 

  • Better understand risks and opportunities in their financial lives. 
  • Visualize their financial future with easy-to-digest graphs. 
  • See reports customized to their unique situation. 
  • Trust your calculations thanks to a transparent calculator and audit trail. 


Envision your future with Moneytree sample reports


Looking for an easy way to present your clients with their current financial health? 

Check out our one-pager available in Moneytree Plan. 

Here are samples of the type of summary reports you can create as one-pagers:

Whether you specialize in goal-based advising, cash-flow based advising, or a mix of both, Moneytree has customizable reports to help you. Here are samples of reports you can generate.

Goal-based advising - Sample reports

Cash-flow based advising - Sample reports

It's time to simplify

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