Advisor Group is rebranding to Osaic

Advisor Group is rebranding to Oasic; what this means for Moneytree users.
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We here at Moneytree are thrilled for our partners Advisor Group as they rebrand to Osaic. We are so pleased to celebrate this new chapter which represents great progress for them. As a Moneytree user, you may be wondering what this rebrand means for you. First, we will explain the timeline: 

  • August 4, 2023, the Royal Alliance platform at Pershing X (f/k/a Albridge) will be rebranded as Osaic. 
  • September 2-4, 2023, the SagePoint platform will be converted to the Osaic platform. 
  • For the next 18 months (about 1 and a half years), all Osaic (f/k/a Advisor Group) entities will continue to transition until there is a single platform from the client and operations perspective. 

To help you with this transition, here is what this means for you in terms of action items: 

  • Moneytree will not require any system branding changes, but if you have any logos, you have manually set up, you should update them directly. If you need help with this, please contact the Moneytree customer support team at 877-421-9815 ext. 0.


  • All Advisor Group members who are currently using the Moneytree/Pershing X (Albridge) integration will change their FI ID from their current individual FI IDs to Royal Alliance FI ID (19). Just as before you will enter your credentials each time you wish to import information. The good news is that this means the change in FI ID from SagePoint (30) to Royal Alliance (19) will not affect your processes. 

For more information about the Pershing X (Albridge) integration and explanations of the FI ID and Partner ID, please visit the previous post regarding Pershing X from our blog. 

As we support our partners, we want to thank you for your continued support as Moneytree accompanies you on your journey.  


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