Moneytree Software Brings Account Aggregation to its Flagship Platform

MUNCIE, Ind., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Moneytree Software, a leading provider of cloud-based financial planning solutions, announced today the addition of data account aggregation into the Moneytree Plan platform.

MUNCIE, Ind.Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Moneytree Software, a leading provider of cloud-based financial planning solutions, announced today the addition of data account aggregation into the Moneytree Plan platform.

Moneytree helps financial advisors analyze client finances and deliver in-depth planning solutions. With account aggregation, advisors have visibility into all of a client’s accounts from across many financial institutions, including bank accounts, credit cards, life insurance policies and retirement accounts. Using account aggregation to retrieve client financial data helps advisors build and manage their client’s financial plans quickly and efficiently.

“We’ve always listened closely to our customers, and as a result, one of our first priorities since the acquisition by Accutech System Corporation has been to introduce account aggregation,” said Pat Spencer, managing director for Moneytree. “Advisors are looking for ways to cut time-consuming processes that don’t directly meet client needs. We knew we needed to do account aggregation in the right way, which means bringing through a comprehensive list of assets, liabilities and investments, focusing on the workflow of the advisor and working with an aggregator that has the best capabilities and security for our customers.”

Moneytree has introduced account aggregation through MX, a data aggregation platform with a proven track record of securely pulling accurate and timely data from a variety of sources. Advisors will have the power to select which data is pulled into reports, saving time typically spent digging through multiple institutions’ websites, reviewing scanned or printed account statements — time that’s better spent planning for client success.

The account aggregation feature allows advisors to send notifications to clients if login information for financial institutions needs updating, helping advisors stay proactively engaged, so there are no surprises when keeping accounts connected with financial institutions. The entire process is seamless, creating an intuitive system that eliminates the back-and-forth of updating accounts, saving time and energy for all parties. Advisors will have a snapshot of clients’ finances at all times, with data feeds updated every few hours if required.

“Moneytree is committed to introducing tools to make account management and financial planning as easy and seamless as possible for advisors and clients alike,” Spencer said. “Account aggregation is a step toward streamlining data input and enabling advisors to prioritize what matters most: valuable time with clients.”

Account aggregation is available now in Moneytree Plan and will be coming to Moneytree Advise. For more information about Moneytree’s products and services, please visit

About Accutech Systems
Founded in 1987, Accutech creates, delivers and supports trust accounting software to the trust and wealth management industry. The company has grown significantly in the past five years due primarily to the success of Cheetah Wealth Management™, the first trust and wealth management platform built natively for cloud delivery. Accutech made its first corporate acquisition in April of 2019, acquiring financial planning software maker Moneytree Software and adding over 3,000 financial planners and advisors to its client base. Moneytree Software was established in 1981 and has been a pioneer in the financial planning space.

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