What’s New with Moneytree

Moneytree Software releases Moneytree Advise and Moneytree Plan, formerly known as Silver Online and TOTAL Online. Learn more about these updates and more.
What's new with Moneytree

Everyone at Moneytree has been focusing on the growing and changing needs of advisors and planners while providing the same reliability and detail that our programs are known for. We are releasing several features that we believe illustrates our commitment. As the months and years roll on, we hope to show that these current changes are only the beginning. We endeavor to make our programs the best in the financial planning market for advisors, planners, and their clients.

New Product Names

We are changing the names of our online products. Silver Online is now Moneytree Advise and TOTAL Online is now Moneytree Plan. We want our software to be client-focused on their needs to grow their businesses and provide excellent customer services.

Moneytree Advise

Renaming Silver Online to Moneytree Advise highlights our continued focus on creating quick big-picture financial models. We help advisors and planners to build relationships and trust with their clients and focus on their most important financial needs.

Moneytree Plan

Renaming TOTAL Online to Moneytree Plan affirms our goal to help advisors and planners to create robust and detailed models backed by extensive auditing and data manipulation capabilities. Going into this level of detail, advisors are able to model more complex situations to help their clients plan for their future.

Moneytree Plan’s underlying reporting modules have been updated to reflect their respective strengths more accurately.

The Goals-Based module Easy Money is now Aspire. This report focuses on helping individuals understand their current behavior and how they can best adjust to meet or expand their retirement goals and aspirations.

The Cash Flow module Golden Years is now Prosper. This report provides detailed analysis of income and spending to help individuals truly understand their needs. By understanding their needs, they can better plan for a prosperous retirement.

Updated Client Access Portals

The aesthetics for the Client Access portals has been updated for both online and have been refreshed to improve the overall experience for your clients.

Moneytree Advise

The Client Access Portal in Moneytree Advise has some new features available. Depending on permissions granted to your clients, they may be able to:

  • Review their data
  • Modify their data
  • View reports
  • Access the What-If Tool
  • Access the DocVault (New Feature)

Read more about Client Access for Moneytree Advise for full details.

Moneytree Plan

The Client Access Portal for Moneytree Plan is now loaded with new features. We sought to improve navigation through your client’s plan while providing graphical summaries to help visualize the information. Clients will now be able to provide you with notes, questions, or other feedback via a new comments section. In all, clients may be able to do the following, depending on permissions:

  • Review their data
  • View reports
  • Access the What-If Tool (New Feature, with 2 viewing options)
  • Access the DocVault (New Feature)
  • Provide comments on certain reports (New Feature)

Read more about Client Access Portal for Moneytree Plan for full details.

NEW! DocVault for Online Platforms

Our new DocVault feature is available for both Moneytree Advise and Moneytree Plan, and clients and advisors will be able to share confidential information within the program.

In both programs, advisors and their clients can upload files and create folders to help organize data that is shared. Both can remove or modify the names of any file or folder.

You will be able to use the DocVault for any client even if you have not granted access via the Client Access Portal.

Moneytree Advise

You can control whether your clients can access DocVault. If they do not have permission to access it, advisors can still use DocVault to store important information for their client’s plan. Some limits to file size and file extensions may apply.

Read more about DocVault for Moneytree Advise for full details.

Moneytree Plan

All the features in Moneytree Advise will be available, and there are no size or file type restriction for Moneytree Plan.

Read more about DocVault for Moneytree Plan for full details.

New! What-If Added for Moneytree Plan Client Access

Moneytree Plan’s What-If has been added to the Client Access Portal to provide clients with tools to understand and manipulate data in their scenario. This includes both simple and advanced views. Your clients can use the What-If tool to see how changes can affect their plan without making lasting changes.

The simple What-If will provide fewer, focused options allowing clients to adjust major assumptions within their plan. These include their retirement expenses, retirement age, and monthly savings. The advanced What-If allows your client to use the same What-If tool available to advisors to manipulate almost any data points.

Read more about What-If in Client Access Portal for Moneytree Plan for full details.


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