Moneytree Plan®

Build in-depth plans for when cash-flow matters

Moneytree Plan is a comprehensive solution with both goal-based and cash-flow tools that empowers you to be as customized as you need to be.

It’s perfect for comprehensive planners and advisors holding a diverse book of business, ranging from young clients, to clients with complex financial lives, to clients who are retired or approaching retirement.

Plan for anything with
Moneytree Plan

Offer comprehensive planning and better serve high-net-worth clients.
$ 1,695
per advisor

Let Moneytree Plan help grow your business

Moneytree Plan gives you the resources you need to…

Evaluate clients’ financial goals, risk tolerance, insurance and survivor needs.

Analyze your clients’ financial picture with more tools like Roth conversion calculator.

Engage your clients at a deeper level increasing their confidence and loyalty.

Plan for anything with two approaches

With Plan, you get a goal-based approach and a cash flow-based approach in one package

Cash-flow approach

Our cash flow-based approach prepares your client for complex situations, allowing you to plan for and monitor income and expenses.

  • Taxable income analysis
  • Capital gains worksheet
  • State and federal tax worksheets
  • Tax summary
  • Roth conversion calculator
  • Current and future estate details
  • Educational illustrations
  • Estate charts
  • Retirement capital estimate
  • Monte Carlo
  • Withdrawal rates
  • Annual expense illustration

Goal-based approach

Our streamlined goal-based approach enables you to easily partner with clients primarily interested in saving and investing.

  • Retirement needs analysis
  • Shortage Solutions
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Monte Carlo
  • Withdrawal rates
  • Life insurance graph
  • Survivor needs analysis
  • Survivor capital estimate
  • Survivor cash flow
  • Disability insurance
  • Asset Worksheet
  • Current & Suggested Asset Allocation
  • Asset Risk & Reward
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Stock Options

Plan shows its work, so you can be confident

Other planning programs ask you and your clients to blindly trust their conclusions.

That’s not the case with Moneytree Plan.

Our Plan reporting system offers an easy-to-navigate audit trail that lets you see how the software arrived at its answers.

That way, when highly engaged clients ask in-depth questions about numbers, you can provide the type of consultation that builds trust and confidence.

One-page summaries

Meet your clients where they are with customizable one-page summaries. Our one-page summaries engage your clients by focusing their awareness on areas in their lives that need the most attention.

One-pagers are a standard feature in Plan and are a great reason to purchase the Plan package.

Add Account Aggregation and boost client engagement

Account Aggregation is available on both Plan and Advise.

It allows you to view a client’s retail accounts, liabilities, investments, and insurance policies in one place.

  • Easy client onboarding
  • Better insights
  • Less data entry
  • Plan with confidence

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